Thursday, October 23, 2008

EPDM Coatings Facts.

EPDM Rubber has had a long history of superior performance in hoses, molded products, tires and roofing membranes. For example, the radiator hoses in our cars and the gaskets on our freezer doors are made of EPDM rubber and show the broad temperature range the product can handle. EPDM Roofing Membranes also have more than 30 years of successful history.

EPDM is relatively inexpensive, simple to install, and fairly clean to work with when compared to conventional materials. There are not the strong odors and fumes either. The product is very stable and the resulting characteristics of Liquid EPDM such as flexibility, weatherability and chemical resistance are determined by it.

EPDM roofs are suitable for most types of facilities, offer various mil thicknesses, and can be purchased in either black or white. It should be noted that the solar reflectivity of a black roof is only 8%, which is a major factor in the Sun Belt.

Drawbacks of EPDM roofs include vulnerability to physical abuse; lack of layer redundancy; temperature sensitivity of adhesion points and sealing tape used for seams; and poor resistance to chemicals, cooking fats, and greases. As noted earlier, these roof systems don't always meet local wind uplift code requirements.

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Single Ply Guy said...

I agree with this - EDPM roofing is great in the right situations but not suitable for all!