Thursday, October 1, 2009

Liquid Rubber Coatings For Roof Repair

Liquid Rubber coating has 300% elasticity. Liquid Rubber forms a waterproof and seamless coating immediately when applied. It will even standup to a light shower even when the material is still drying. Liquid Rubber retains its specifications even in extreme temperatures. Liquid Rubber will take temperatures from -60 to 300 degrees. It is resistant to UV and Ozone, can be used with full confidence on places that are exposed to constant sunlight. Liquid roof features very high flexibility and crack-bridging ability.

Difference Between Liquid EPDM and other Materials.
• Identical to sheet EPDM but a liquid
• Easy Application
• Goes on virtually all surfaces
• Can be applied 6 times thicker than the standard elastomeric
• Single coat application
• Forms a seamless membrane
• Takes Temperatures from -40 to 300F

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