Friday, September 28, 2012

Application of Liquid EPDM Rubber

Liquid Rubber® may be applied at any temperature that permits it being spread onto the surface. It will waterproof immediately upon application. The solvent will evaporate at a rate governed by temperature but will not be affected by relative humidity. Exposure to freezing temperatures before cure has taken place will not damage the film. The time necessary to reach cure should not be a concern as this process will occur automatically. Exposure to sunlight will accelerate the curing process. The final film properties of the cured membrane will be the same regardless of the time required to achieve cure.  EPDM Liquid Rubber® will provide long term protection even under extreme exposure conditions.  It is resistant to temps of 300 degrees F and minus 62 F.  Liquid rubber is water resistant even in an uncured state.  An unexpected rain shower shortly after application will not wash it off.  The slow cure and non-polar nature of EPDM Liquid Rubber® gives it outstanding surface wetting properties.  The product does not fill cracks and crevices but will produce an even film penetrating even the smallest surface irregularities.  When EPDM Liquid Rubber® is applied over porous surfaces such as poured concrete, pinholes will appear on the surface as the material slowly displaces the air in the pores.  This surface wetting feature enables the product to be applied in a SINGLE COAT and the still results in complete film integrity.  EPDM Liquid Rubber® can be applied to hot surfaces encountered during the summer.  The solvent in the system will flash off rapidly but the polymer will remain soft long enough to permit overlapping even after 1-2 hours.  The cure rate is still controlled even at temps up to 120 degrees.  The product can, therefore, be applied on the hottest day.  The controlled cure rate also results in a longer pot life, giving the applicator more than adequate length of time (4-6 hours depending on temperatures) to use the mixed quantity of material.  Adhesion will increase over time.  Polar surfaces such as metal, concrete and wood result in stronger adhesion than non-polar surfaces such as asphalts.  Most weathered surfaces including single ply and thermoplastic membranes will have enough of a surface profile to anchor the EPDM Liquid Rubber®

By itself, the EPDM Liquid Rubber® membrane will exhibit the characteristics of its EPDM chemistry i.e. U.V. ozone stability, excellent ponding water resistance and long-term retention of flexibility.  EPDM Liquid Rubber® applied over generally sound singly ply EPDM can extend its life another 20 years.  The useful life of metal roofs will also benefit greatly when EPDM Liquid Rubber® is applied. It is recommended that a corrosion inhibitive primer first be applied to areas where severe rusting has occurred.  EPDM Liquid Rubber® does not contain any corrosion inhibiting pigments but it is such an effective moisture barrier that it can be applied directly over light rust without a primer.  For more information contact at 866-311-3736 or visit their website at  They also have a blog filled with discussions from customers as well as valuable information on the product at

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