Saturday, April 12, 2008


RV roof repair can be a complicated job. However when you are talking about RV roof repair you will usually be dealing with dry rot. Many months of wet weather and/or storing your RV in a poorly ventilated garage can necessitate a bit of running roof repair, and the good news is that unless the damage is widespread or severe, you should be able to do this kind of RV roof repair yourself. It’s especially useful if you have a few tools and a friend who can help you with the lifting which is almost inevitable in RV roof repair.

Things to Consider

When you have to make an RV roof repair you first of all have to think about how big an area is damaged. If you can see water damage inside your RV roof repairs are necessary right now, but ideally you will check the outside of the vehicle to avoid that urgency.

How to do DIY RV Roof Repair

First you need to take off all the fixtures and edge moldings from the roof like air conditioning and plumbing vents and a heat gun may be of help with this as you my need to make the roof coating softer for easier removal of these fixtures. Then you should be able to get at the staples holding on the RV roof and remove those. Just be careful if you ant to re-use the metal from the RV roof; you should be able to roll this off. Once the roof is off you will be able to see the RV roof insulation; get rid of it if it’s at all wet.

This is where DIY RV roof repairs get a little more complicated, because now you’ll see where all the wires go. You’ll of course nee to replace all the wires in the right places, but they are color coded. If you don’t have a wiring diagram, make sure you make one now before you uncouple any wires. Better still – get your digital camera out and take a photo. Only then should you remove any lights or electrical fittings.

Ready to Repair

Now you’ve stripped out your RV roof repairs are made easier. If the damaged area is small you should be able to cut out the damaged piece. The roof should be screwed down so easily removed in panels. Of course, you should make sure any panels you replace are again well secured to the RV framework. Cover any joints with battens that slide in, so the roof is again weather-proof and strong. Remember to cut the holes needed for any roof vents before you do this though!

Then your RV roof repairs are almost done. You need to re-install the wiring and insulation and make sure the roof is completely secured to the side walls but you’ll then be home – and dry – with your RV roof repair.


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