Thursday, April 24, 2008

Superior Performance of EPDM

The first and foremost test of any construction material is how it performs under actual field conditions. Forty years of empirical experience in field applications has shown EPDM coatings to have the roof repair industry's longest average service life. Characteristics that contribute to this superior overall system performance include:
  • EPDM coatings have cyclical membrane fatigue resistance
  • EPDM coatings Proven hail resistance
  • EPDM coatings have high resistance to ozone, weathering and abrasion
  • EPDM coatings have high flexibility in low temperatures
  • EPDM coatings have superior resistance to extreme heat and fire
  • EPDM coatings have thermal shock durability
  • EPDM coatings have ultraviolet radiation resistance
EPDM coatings’ high resistance to wind damage has also proven to be an increasingly desirable attribute. Architects, roof consultants and contractors have come to depend on EPDM's time tested, long-term performance for roof leaks repair

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