Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here's what you might see when you go up on your roof:

  • Uplifting or splitting of the roofing membrane (the material that covers the roof) or decking on flat roofs.
  • Punctures in the roof caused by debris hitting it.
  • Cracking or other age-related deterioration. This is typically most apparent on southern exposures, and especially on wood or composition shingles.
  • Damaged roof-mounted vents or air-conditioning equipment.
  • Stripped ridge tiles, or missing or broken tiles on concrete or clay roofs.
  • Pitting or pock marking on asphalt shingles or membranes. This can be caused by hail or from toxic substances in seedpods.
  • Stripped or torn shingles on asphalt, fiberglass, or cedar roofs.
  • Algae growth from poor drainage.
  • Previous roof repairs.
  • Rotted or rusted decking.
  • Worn or rusted flashing.
  • Wrinkled roofing membrane.
  • Holes from missing shingles or other roofing materials.