Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why Liquid EPDM (Rubber) your best choice?

• Liquid Roof is nearly identical chemically to sheet EPDM but with the distinct advantage of being a liquid. It is self-adhering and seamless
• Takes Temperatures from -40 to 300F
• One Coat application, No Primer, top coat or multiple coats needed
• Easy Application- A true do-it-yourself product
• Waterproofs immediately upon application and will take ponding water 365 days a year
• It will seal leaks, reduce heat build-up and rain noise and considerably extend the service life
• Liquid EPDM has proven itself superior to Acrylics, Urethanes and other elastomers for up to 3 times longer
• Goes on virtually all surfaces Click here for applicable uses
• As a liquid it can conform to any shape of roof, flashing, or protrusion both vertical and horizontal. It cures by chemical reaction to form a self adhering seamless membrane
• Liquid EPDM forms 100% seamless membrane
• The unique properties of EPDM rubber make it a versatile maintenance and repair product and its uses are limitless

Difference Between Liquid EPDM and other Materials.
• Identical to sheet EPDM but a liquid
• Easy Application
• Goes on virtually all surfaces
• Can be applied 6 times thicker than the standard elastomeric
• Single coat application
• Forms a seamless membrane
• Takes Temperatures from -40 to 300F

Features and Benefits of Liquid Rubber
• Easy to apply single coat system
• Instant set - Reduces project time
• Spray, Brush or Roller applied
• Easy to apply single coat system
• Water based – No harmful vapour
• Extremely flexible – Allows for substrate movement
• Odourless
• Seamless – No laps or joints
• High puncture resistance
• Strongly bonded to substrate
• Allows freedom of architectural design