Friday, June 22, 2012

The Most Common Commercial Roofs Types

The Most Common Commercial Roofs Types and Materials

Here, you can learn about the most common commercial roofs types and materials. There are three main types: flat, low-slope and sloped or pitched.  The sloped or pitched roof is most commonly seen in homes. Some modern office parks have this type as well. For warehouses and businesses, the flat or low slope roof is most common for several reasons.

A business’ buildings are usually larger than those used for housing. Installing a pitched roof on a large building can be more costly, and the lifespan of a large pitched roof could be significantly lower than that of a flat design. The interior spaces are often more open. This interior design lends itself to the flat roof.
A pitched roof limits the use of interior space. In homes, the small areas are often used for storage, like the attic. Businesses would rarely use attic space for long-term storage. Getting in and out of the attic space would be more time consuming than simply retrieving the items from a shelf in the warehouse.

Ease of maintenance, access to ventilation systems and other advantages are associated with the use of flat-roof designs. The main disadvantage is poor drainage. Only in arid desert environments is drainage a non-issue. Since flat roofs are the most common commercial roofs types, selecting appropriate materials has always been important. Waterproofing is considered essential. Slate and other types of shingles are generally not used on the flat roof design, which turns out to be another advantage, in that decorative shingles cost more and need to be replaced more often. Repairing a roof leaks is easier in most ways than repairing one that is pitched.

The built-up roof, which is sometimes referred to as tar or tar and gravel, is a system that was popular in flat-roofed buildings. It is rarely recommended by roofing experts today because of the short lifespan, the heat gain within the building, the continuous maintenance necessary and the unpleasant appearance. Modified bitumen is one of the most common commercial roofs types. It is considered affordable and can last as long as 15 years if properly installed and maintained.

Metal roofing materials are not usually recommended for flat-roofed buildings because of water pooling and the corrosion it causes. Plastic polymers of many kinds are being used to repair, replace or install on new roofing materials. They provide the waterproofing and can last many years. EPDM, PVC and CPE are examples of this type of material. Those are the most common commercial roofs types today. You should consult a good roofing contractor to get a recommendation concerning the best choice for your building.