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Metal Roof Repair

Metal Roof Repair

How to Maintain a Metal Roof: General Tips

Learning how to maintain a metal roof is important to ensure that the roofing will last as long as possible. With proper care, this type of roofing material outlasts many others. It is not unusual to see the roofs last for 50 years or even longer.

New roofs often come with manufacturer’s care instructions for the material. If you don’t have the care instructions, you may be able to evaluate the material on your own to determine the composition.

It is important to use compatible materials when doing any repairs. Otherwise, corrosion can occur. If you have difficulty making this evaluation, a good roofing contractor can help.

For most roofs, maintenance and repair is relatively simple. You will need a sturdy ladder. Ideally you should have someone on the ground to hold the ladder as you are climbing up and down.

You should only attempt this if you are comfortable with the height and you feel that the maintenance or repair work can be done safely. Otherwise, you should contact an EPDM roofing contractor.

Once you are at a point where you can evaluate the area, you should start by looking for loose nails, rusty patches, holes or other signs of damage. If you are aware of an existing leak, you will need to take steps to repair the leak.

In general, how to maintain a metal roof involves removing debris, such as leaves and branches. Any loose nails should be pulled and replaced. Hammering the nail back down may not be a good idea.

Nails are not always used for installation. Some roofs are installed using screws. Screws tend to stay in place as the years go by while nails work their way loose over time.

Urethane roofing cement is usually used for caulking around seams, edges and flashing. Learning how to maintain a metal roof involves learning how to use the urethane cement because it provides better protection from UV damage than plastic or asphalt type cements.

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Occasionally, re-caulking will be necessary as a part of regular maintenance. Look for cracked or damaged caulk seams and peel the old caulking away as necessary. Cracks in caulking caused by hail or flying debris are sometimes the causes of leaks.

Existing leaks may be due to a small hole which can be patched relatively easily using compatible materials. If you learn how to maintain a metal roof properly and you take the necessary steps on a regular basis, you may never have to worry about learning how to patch holes.

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