Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Roof Coating and its Benefits

Roof coatings are made up of a specialized material that is used as the additional protective layer on the finished roof. As roofs nowadays are made up of several materials including aluminum and other metals that may be subjected to corrosion because of repeated exposure to sunlight and rain and other adverse weather conditions. So the roof coatings acts as the layer of defense between the roof and the weather outside. It varies in thickness. It can be thinner than a paint coat and can be thicker than paint coat as well. So it depends upon the condition of the weather that they may have to deal with that determine its thickness and other factors, such as the quality of the material they are made. They vary in quality and prices. If the coating is applied effectively and correctly, it appears seamless, i-e it does not appear as a separate coating on the roof.

It is said that the most critical and difficult weather element to control is water. The last line of defense that is used for waterproofing of the roofs is roof flashing. Roof flashing is simply a metal sheet usually made up of aluminum that is placed between the walls and roofs in order to restrict the water to enter into the inside of house walls and roofs and cause damage. One of the major benefits of Liquid EPDM is that this layer helps the flashing material to bind with the asphalt to provide more concrete waterproofing.

So one of the most practical aspects roof coating is the waterproofing of the roof. So it not only makes a roof waterproof but it also reduces the exposure rate of the roof to the humidity and rain that may enhance the rate of metal or roofing material corrosion. Another such material that can be used for the waterproofing is liquid rubber coating. It can be easily applied to any roofing material including metals, fiberglass or concrete. It is also long lasting and very durable. The time after which you may have to change a rubber coatings, is far greater than the ordinary coating.

Alongside with the waterproofing, the coating also helps protect the roof from the intense exposure to sunlight that may cause damage to the roof. It absorbs most of the ultraviolet rays and slows down the damage rate of the roof. However coating also has a life period after which it gets damaged and may not remain as effective. Still it is a good option to coat your roof as to change a coating is much less costly and difficult as compared to roof changing.

Moreover coating possesses an elastic nature. As with the changing weather, there may be a change in the size and shape of the roof as it expands in summer and retracts in winter. The coating has the ability to expand and retract with the roof. In this way it remains intact and firmly attached to the roof without the danger of getting ruptured broken.

The procedure of applying roof coating is same as the procedure of applying paint. Apply the coating in successive layers. Allow the layer beneath to dry completely before applying the new layer. You can apply as many layers as you want until you achieve the desired thickness.

According to an estimate, the application of roof coating increases the life of your roof by 20 to 25 years.

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