Saturday, February 9, 2013

Spring Roof Inspection

Here we are Feb 9th and for many of us north, spring can't get here quick enough.  Just like we did in the fall when spring does arrive we should conduct a roof inspection.  For those of us who get snow we all know too well the damage caused by pooling water and ice and how it can get up and under your shingles.  Also wind and gutter damage are the main culprit’s that can lead to costly repairs down the road. Walk the roof and look for ripples or loose seams or other signs of distress.  Look particularly at the corners and edges since most leaks will occur in these areas. 

Besides the roof itself we should also be inspecting the interior of the homes.  Attics in particular, look for any signs of water stains, then on walls and within corners of the walls all could be pointing to a roof leak be sure that you have a qualified roofer conducting the inspection. Something many of us overlook is our vents and chimneys.  These areas are prone to mold caused by water getting in between and trapped in your vents. 

Also check your warranty to see if repairs are possible that do not conflict with restrictions of the warranty.  When looking for a roofer be sure you choose one that has proven themselves as an established roofer in the area.  Your local BBB is good place to start.  Ask your neighbors or people in any clubs you belong to for a referral.  Having a roofer catch a problem now will prevent hundreds if not thousands of dollars later in expense.